Meat Selection

Meat selection may seem like a simple topic, but it plays an important role in our ability to delight.

Here are some tips for meat selection:

Select a meat that has its own level of flavour. This often means a fattier meat than a lean meat.

Remember that juicy meat is also an important factor. You want the finished product to be succulent for your guests.

Select a type of meat that cooks well in the method you plan to cook it in. Your recipe specifically should conform to the type of meat you select and the cooking method.

Avoid a meat that is too grisly, expensive, or too fatty.


Meat preparation is also an important factor. How do you plan to prepare the meat for your recipe? It may be that you are looking for a smoked flavour. It may be that you are planning to grill the meat.

Select a cooking method that meets your fancy.

Factor in the equipment that you will have available to you.

Consider a cooking method that is safe for both you and for those who are eating your meal. It is important to choose a cooking method that you know you can do well. In addition, it needs to provide a foolproof method of preparation of the meat. That means ensuring that the meat reaches the appropriate temperature as needed.


Another aspect that needs to be kept in mind as you plan for your BBQ recipe is your ability to maintain the property temperature. For example, if you are cooking over an open fire, maintaining the temperate is much harder than over a stove. It is also important for you to be able to maintain the proper temperature if you are cooking on a BBQ.

Of course, this also implies that you have determines what the right cooking temperature is for your dish. This, again, will take some practice to get right. Once you do get it right, you will want to maintain it properly.

Temperature control is important for food safety as it is for your final finished product. Keep an eye on a thermometer throughout the process.

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