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Margaret River Fresh beef and lamb is raised in the world’s most perfect environment: where unique natural elements combine to create lush green pastures on the rich, red loamy soils of the Karri Forest. Here in the renowned Margaret River region, sweeping south-westerly breezes from the pristine Southern Ocean constantly refresh and rejuvenate all in their path.

Farming communities and viticulturists in the area jealously guard and protect their national and international reputation of unspoiled, rural and environmental perfection.

Initially famous for its production of fine wines, the Margaret River is now equally renown throughout Australia for the inimitable flavour and tenderness of its quality beef.

Our beef growers work tirelessly to improve their herds and are constantly upgrading their genetics and standards to maintain the distinction the locality enjoys.

The “Margaret River Fresh” trademark is registered with IP Australia to the Western Meat Packers Group (WMPG) and is used exclusively to package the group’s premier products.

Margaret River Fresh

Margaret River Fresh Offerings

Margaret River Fresh beef has a “natural advantage” over other meat producers. Our cattle are selected after grazing on their natural pastures and have been raised and fattened almost exclusively on pasture.

The temperate climate, regular rainfall, and the rich and verdant countryside of the province, mean there is little need for chemical fertilisers, or reliance on hormone growth promotants, to achieve marketable product weights.

To ensure shelf life and maintain the premium tenderness, juiciness and flavour that define the eating quality of our product, all cattle are backgrounded and processed under AUS-MEAT’s stringent specifications.
This enables the beef to be marketed as grain-fed.

Margaret River Fresh Beef is also independently graded by Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and is available in the following categories:

  • Margaret River YG Grain-Fed and Grass-Fed Beef
  • Certified Organic Beef
  • Angus Beef

All WMPG feeders adhere to feed lot best practices. Our feeding programs are operational twelve months of the year and feeding regimes are strictly monitored with all animal’s rumen tested.

This feeding regime, along with ageing the prime cuts, results in a more consistent product and ensures a succulent juicy steak.

All of this serves to provide a truly unique gastronomic experience making our products the perfect choice for restaurants, supermarkets, or food services with requirements for premium eating beef portions.

MRF Dry Age Beef and Lamb

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Tasty, succulent beef and lamb is also available wholesale direct or in retail ready offerings.

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